The So Damn Divine Oraculum

What started as a personal project of mapping out the astrological territory of 2023 has grown into a full-fledged divinatory apparatus for the year ahead. 

The Oraculum is a blending of the astrology of 2023 with insights sourced from my oracle deck (the So Damn Divine Oracle) and other divinatory technologies like asteroids and the Sabian Symbols.

For $7, you get the 35+ page Oraculum (PDF). 

A limited-edition run of handmade zines that accompanied the digital Oraculum have been sold. 


Please email me here to let me know you'd like  a copy of the Oraculum. I will email you instructions for payment, followed by a link to the Oraculum for download. 

What Folks Have Said About the Oraculum

"Oraculum has an honest, but unwaveringly tranquil, way of delivering insight into whatever the road ahead may bring. I believe philosophy is best delivered through poems and songs. Cody does just that. This guide finds a way to deliver the philosophy of the heavens down to us through heartfelt drawings, odes to muses, and lyrical forecasts of the astrological weather. Oraculum is a bundle holding all of this truth in a package that is not only sweet, but full of wisdom. "