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Let's Take a Walk

We are all on a journey of some sort. A spiritual journey. A journey through major life transitions, or its softer rhythms. Maybe a journey of aging, becoming, or just wondering what's possible, resonant, and enlivening. 

Divination can help each of us walk our paths.  

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Who I am

I'm Cody, a spiritual caregiver working at the crossroads of astrology, divination, chaplaincy, and personal and collective healing. 

I’m a Trekkie, a gardener, and a dreamer. 

I am currently living in the Boston area and training as a multifaith chaplain. I graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2022. My ongoing research includes ancient and modern oracular systems, dreaming, death and dying, and pilgrimage. 

I am deeply committed to an ethical practice of spiritual care that honors our inherent dignity, stories, life experiences, and deepest imaginative impulses. 

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What I do

What we do together is certainly a "spiritual technology" and "tool for making meaning." And it's greater than that. We take on the sacred role of oracles — embodied, messy and so damn divine in our humanity. There's something precious and profound created when two people come together with the simple intent of exploring the mystery and allowing our wisdom to rise up and nourish one another. 

My approach is a mix of astrology, modern divinatory systems, and the best practices of contemporary spiritual caregiving. 


An oracle session is a co-created endeavor of spiritual exploration, healing and empowerment. I primarily use my hand-crafted deck, the So Damn Divine Oracle. This forty-eight card deck was created in early 2020 and has been in slow and steady development since then, guided by deep discernment and collaborative oracular insight. 

My astrological practice is anchored in ancient Hellenistic astrology, which has been recovered and expanded by folks like Demetra George and Chani Nicholas. In keeping with these models, I use whole-sign houses and a variety of traditional techniques, as well as asteroids and Sabian Symbols.

Wasp Nest card from the SO DAMN DIVINE ORACLE

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