Routes of Discernment

We use a confluence of "technologies" to support your spiritual journey-work. I mostly work with astrology and oracle cards — a flourishing branch on the tree of tarot and cartomancy. My approach is informed by scholarly research, professional training in spiritual care, and my background as a writer, artist and chaplain. 

Oracle Readings

Oracle Readings are collaborative meaning-making endeavors guided by our shared insight and intuition. Together, we explore your question or situation by interpreting the oracle card images and root words, as well as the overall spread and the connections between them. 

I primarily use my own oracle deck, the So Damn Divine Oracle. I can also use Kim Kran's The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck and Mirrors of the Heart by Lily S. May at your request. 

Cost is - 

$150 for a 90-minute reading

Sessions can be done over the phone, FaceTime, or other video platform. These are not recorded, though you are free to do so (Voice Memos, etc). Photos of your cards are sent during the session via text or email. 

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings are beautiful opportunities to reflect on and contemplate what has been, what is, and what can now be dreamed, believed in and worked toward.

In these sessions, we walk through your natal chart, mindfully going step by step. We start with the fundamentals — the most significant themes and signatures as expressed through the planets (Sun, Moon, Ascendant ruler, etc.) and empowerment points (the Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.), signs, houses and overall arrangement and movement of the heavens. We enter through oracular portals as they appear: asteroids of importance or Sabian Symbols of particular resonance. While we use the chart as the basis of the conversation, it is you and your life that are the source of meaning in this — or any other —  astrological consultation.  

These readings are worthwhile for newcomers and seasoned sky-watchers alike. We can craft the session depending on your experience with astrology, and depending on your interest in the more technical or divinatory aspects of the practice. I have primarily studied Hellenistic astrology, a tradition that has been recovered from ancient texts and reinterpreted by astrologers like Demetra George, Chris Brennan and Chani Nicholas. Even still, my astrological practice includes other techniques, such as analysis of major and minor asteroids, as well as a foundation of professional chaplaincy. 

Cost is $150 and a session lasts for 90 minutes

Sessions can be done over the phone, FaceTime, or other video platform. These are not recorded, though you are free to do so (Voice Memos or other apps). Relevant follow-up materials and a copy of your chart will be emailed after the reading. 

Specialty Astrology Readings are for those who are longing to go deep into the nuance of a the oracular elements — that is, the intuitive, mysterious, and cosmic — of the natal chart. One of these readings is based on the Sabian Symbols. The other explores the "dark" places and possibilities of the natal chart. You can read more about both of these offerings here

Offerings still in development

The possibilities for oracles, tarot, astrology, and other divination systems are as deep as the cosmos itself. I am working on developing a number of other offerings, including:

Thank you for your interest in my practice and oracle deck. If you'd like to stay updated about these offerings and other oracular experiments, consider signing up for my newsletter.