What Others Have Said 

Here's what some of my clients have shared about their experiences with the So Damn Divine Oracle and astrology readings.


"Cody is a gem. When he reads my oracles, I feel so tended to, so seen and so expansive. I adore the unique way he is able to make meaning through these cards."


"Cody was able to support me with an oracle reading during a period of transition in my professional life. I was able to explore new ways of approaching my goals, including creating new ways of dreaming up my future."


“As a packed 12th houser, I have never encountered an astrologer who held a light in the darkness I call home as steadily as Cody has. He knows and breathes the ineffable. Many people can interpret the birth chart but the readings that will really transform and stay with you will come from those who love and find joy and richness in the shadow. That is a rare gift that Cody embodies and cultivates and it is an offering that I am honored to have experienced. As a practicing astrologer, there are placements in my chart that I am seeing in a new light through Cody’s eyes that I will be eternally grateful for. I would jump on any chance to hear what he has to say and how he says it.”


"Cody's depth of arcane knowledge and compassionate reflections make for a powerful combination. After he read my chart, including the classic planets and some delightfully unique asteroids, I feel affirmed and challenged to be exactly who I am."


"Both my readings with Cody have been truly deep experiences in which I've discovered so much about myself." 


"My reading with Cody occurred during a time of great upheaval in my time...This was my first Tarot reading, and I didn't know what to expect. Cody took the time to explain how the cards worked. His energy is very peaceful, and I felt safe. We did a reading where we talked about several things that I had questions about. After the reading, I had lunch and took a nap. What happened after the reading was wondrous. 

"I had a dream that was directly tied to the reading, and where I received guidance and inspiration on how to tackle the questions. It was incredible. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and at the right time.

"Cody has designed his own Tarot deck. It is gorgeous and makes the reading feel so much more special and personal. The watercolors have been thoughtfully chosen for each card. You can tell that great care and deliberation went into the creation of this deck. Couple this with Cody's peaceful energy and excellent listening skills, and you will be surprised at how things that have been in your subconscious are suddenly verbalized and articulated by Cody and his deck. I highly recommend a reading."


"Cody takes you through a journey of clarity and understanding. It helps you see your world with sharper eyes."


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