a little about me

I am Cody Hooks, a writer, artist and spiritual caregiver working at the crossroads of astrology, divination, chaplaincy, and personal and collective healing.

I live in the Boston area, where I've trained as a multifaith chaplain in local healthcare institutions, including two units of Certified Pastoral Education. I graduated from Harvard Divinity School with a Master of Divinity in 2022. While there, I led a variety of tarot-related experiences, collective readings, and rituals.

 My past and ongoing research focuses on ancient and modern divination, especially oracles, as well as dreaming, death and dying, pilgrimage, contemplative prayer and non-theistic spiritual care. 

In addition to more than a decade of experience with astrology, tarot and other such spiritual practices, I hold a BA from Yale University, where I co-led a drag troupe and wrote about queer spirituality, farming communities, and relationships to the landscapes we call home. That journey led to a five-year stint as a community journalist and editor in the rural Southwest. 

I have primarily studied Hellenistic astrology, an ancient tradition that has been recovered and reinterpreted by astrologers like Demetra George, Chris Brennan and Chani Nicholas. My practice also includes modern astrological techniques, especially the use of Asteroids and Sabian Symbols.